Dr Nader Alhamad is the Chief Executive Officer of Kingston Business Academy of Higher Education and the representative in the Middle East and North Africa region. He is also the  Executive Chairman and Board Member of the Kingston Graduate School of Business and Business Administration from 2016 to now.

Dr Nader has a PhD in management and business management specialising in entrepreneurship. He also has a Bachelor of Management and Business Administration and a Master of Business Administration and Management, with a focus on entrepreneurship.

Previously, Dr Nader was the head of training and development at Afkar consulting from 2006 to 2015 before he took up his role at Kingston Business Academy.

He currently supervises the Academy’s activities in the Middle East and North Africa and is responsible for general supervision of all representatives in the Middle East and North Africa.

Dr Nader also oversees the adoption of training centres and vocational centers in universities for continuing education. He prepares trainers and accredited teachers and adopt training programmes.

In his capacity as a leading trainer and consultant, Dr Nader strives to raise awareness of training needs in labor markets and the region through his participation in many local and international conferences and training programmes.