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Our Mission

We share a mission to make the quality of training, consultancy, and higher education accessible and affordable in order for more organisations and professionals to reach their goals and their vision for the future.

Our Vision

A new generation of entrepreneurs and professionals with a focus on international markets and to improve the world for future generations.


Our Strengths

  • Currently divided in a Global and MENA team, Kingston Business Academy encompasses a wide variety of expertise, experience and backgrounds.
  • Our consultants and facilitators hold multiple accreditations and have several years of hands-on experience in different business sectors and in training.
  • Our programmes are created by subject matter experts and are accredited accordingly.
  • Our material is regularly updated to reflect the latest proven concepts, methods and practice.

Do you think we can help you reach your potential?

Please contact us with any question or if you require any additional information. Our team is there to help you.